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Sole with fennel

This dish will make a serious impression during your dinner parties. The flavour combination is amazing: sole, fennel and beetroots….

Fish shawarma

During one my recent visits to Lebanon I discovered this wonderful shawarma variation at one of the best fish restaurants…

Onion tajen

Tajen, not to be confused with tajine or tagine, is a spicy side dish with fish and tahin, sesame sauce….

Octopus in red wine

At one of the best pizzerias in Rotterdam, La Pizza, I once ordered the Polpo Affugato as a starter: octopus…


The first time I tasted ceviche was in the land of ceviche itself, Peru, and I fell immediately in love…

Salmon skewers

Salmon is one of the most flavoursome fish out there. Smoked, baked or grilled, it’s always makes a great dish….